Monday, 9 December 2013

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

When I wrote my first post Eczema Bubble Bursts I meant for it to be like a newsflash in a Superman cartoon. I had no idea it would become the name of the blog. Anyway, I've changed that now.

In my constant hunt for the cure for eczema I have looked into so many wacky cures, potions and lotions. With each experiment I tried to test only one thing at a time. I knew that I was allergic to most things, so it was hard to get accurate results. All along I was thinking "If I add this mineral, EFA, probiotic etc to my diet, then my eczema might go away".

When I found out that the cure is to stop steroids and learnt about the process of withdrawal, I suddenly realised the effects of steroids are a lot bigger than I thought. I'm going to need a bigger boat to reel this monster in. It's on a totally different level than juicing wheat grass and growing kefir.

OK what are we looking at here?

From past experience I know that I will be out of action for a while so my husband will need to do school runs and shopping some of the time. This means time off work, less money coming in etc....Big changes!

We are going to move to a cheaper house that has a bath. We currently live in Darwin Australia and there are no cheap houses to rent here. So we are moving to Cairns in Queensland. Both my boys were born there and I love the place. Hopefully we can stay long term, make some friends and give our kids the quality of life they deserve. My husband and sons have been so patient with me and I already owe them so much. I hope that this withdrawal doesn't traumatise them too much. It will be worth it in the long run. It hasn't been great for anyone so far. Things can only get better. Much, much worse first and then eventually better.

Yesterday I gave written notice to the real estate agents that we will be terminating our lease. I cancelled my sons school enrollment for next year. It is the best school in the universe. The school takes in refugee children from all over the world and teaches them to speak english. In 12 months the kids are able to speak english and can then in enrol in any school to finish their education. It breaks my heart that we have to leave because that school is full of unconditional love. Everyone is different and everyone belongs. I am not confident that I will find this quality again. I guess my only option is to be extremely grateful that my boys had the experience.

My next task is to hang the washing out, buy christmas presents and find packing boxes. I've still got the cloth nappies from when my boys were babies so I think I might keep them for mopping ooze. They are colourful and might cheer me up. We'll see.

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